One Net Solution


Managing day-to-day communications can be challenging. A dynamic business communicates effectively with its customers and suppliers, no matter where its employees are located -whether in the office or off-site. Lost calls lead to lost business and lost time, while upgrading fixed and mobile communication systems are often complicated and expensive.

Capacity problems slow down telecoms and affect response times. As flexible working evolves, companies need to adapt to new situations and new ways of communicating. One Net Business is a Hosted Unified Communications solution that is built on a world-class BroadWorks Platform hosted in the Vodacom Data Centre.

One Net Business provides customers with the ability

One Net Business provides customers with the ability to seamlessly converge their mobile and fixed phones and services into one user profile so no matter what device the customer utilizes as their primary form of communication – all calls, features and functionality can be utilized on Vodacom approved fixed and mobile devices, anywhere effortlessly.

Better Customer Engagements

One Net Business offers a true unified collaboration suite of services, like enhanced telephony services, content sharing, voicemail, Instant Messaging, presence-based services and many more, that is offered across devices, whether on cell and/or fixed phones, desktops, tablets or laptops, the users experience is the same.